We live immersed in an ocean of images and clichés. A world dominated by gentrification and globalization, one where authenticity struggles to swim across the saturated seas of mass production, only to emerge from it and find its own voice. Cynthia Buttenklepper was born to create against this flow of fast consumer fashion and is a lush alternative thats aims to create alongside it’s valued customers. Our pieces choose to frame the silhouette of a new generation of strong women, through which its identity stems from its femininity. Customers discover in each piece, a true confidant.


After finishing her studies in fashion design at Istituto Europeo (IED) di Design in Barcelona and working in Istanbul, Cynthia Buttenklepper returned to Mexico and founded the eponymous brand in 2011. She has presented 13 collections and participated in the main fashion platforms in Mexico as Mercedes Benz fashion week and has been published in media such as: Vogue Mexico, Forbes Mexico, Harpers Bazaar Mexico, Vogue.com, 192 magazine among others. Named Vogue Who’s on next winner in 2018 by Vogue Mexico, today she’s a benchmark of contemporary design in Latin America. Cynthia Buttenklepper is a brand made in Mexico by Mexican hands, minds and hearts.